Chris White's Background


Professional Experience

2005 - 2014    Head, Labour & Employment Group         Siskinds LLP

1993 - 2005    Head, Labour & Employment Group         McCarthy Tetrault LLP (London)

1991 - 1993    Consultant                                                 Bass Associates Ltd.

1985 - 1991    Associate Lawyer                                      Hicks Morley LLP

1984 - 1985    Articling Student                                        Lang Michener LLP

Education / Training

2013 / 2014    Arbitrator Development Program*            Ontario Ministry of Labour

1982 - 1983    Ontario Legislature Internship Program  

1982               LL.B.                                                         Queen's University

1979               B.A. (Hons.)                                              University of Toronto


As a mediator, I believe that the best outcomes are those achieved by the parties themselves and over my career I have admired those individuals, whether mediators, arbitrators or pre-trial judges, who were able to assist the parties by facilitating resolutions which recognized the varied interests of the stakeholders (some of whom may not even be at the table). 

Over the past ten years I have been acting as mediator in wrongful dismissal actions and, with a settlement rate over 95%, I have been able to incorporate the lessons learned during thirty years of practice.  Those skills are transferable to proceedings in the unionized sector and I look forward to working with the parties to collective bargaining agreements, noting that it is vital to recognize the different dynamics of mediation in cases in which there will continue to be an ongoing relationship between the workplace parties long after the particular dispute has been concluded.

As an arbitrator, I realize that resolution between the parties is not always possible.  In the event arbitration is required, my goal is to offer hearings which demonstrate my respect for the parties and the process as well as to deliver decisions which are clear and straightforward.